Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hair Business Is A Big Business

Every type of hair is good. 

In Nigeria every type of hair is there. 

Malaysian, Indian, Caucasian, Chinese, Japanese, Vivica A Fox's', Peruvian, Brazillian, Synthetic hair

They are mainly long. 

Usually in the older days, you find people who live in the cities only, wearing hair.

It has changed now. 

People living in the village wear hair. 

So it is the reality of city and village people wearing hair. 

Do I think there's a competition going on between the city and village people in Nigeria based on their wearing hair? 

I think I have to interview people to find out, but I'm not sure when I'll interview them.

So, do you think you can help me interview them? 

But it will require lots of travelling to at least all the cities and villages in Nigeria. 

Or you can delegate to every media person you know in each city and village in Nigeria to help out.

What is the outcome you'd ask. 

The outcome would be, why the sudden change in the village people wearing hair as the city people? 

When there was a difference between the village and city people based on hair?

The title of your documentary, is "Hair Business Is A Big Business.", you upload videos on YouTube. 

When you finish the documentary which will have to start off with having sponsors. 

The sponsors could be Commissioners of Finance and Commissioners of Media and Entertainment in each city in Nigeria. 

Then any private sponsors who are interested can sponsor the documentary "Hair Business Is A Big Business." 

It will be a success. 

The sponsors would have to agree they will get credits at "THE END" of the documentary "Hair Business Is A Big Business" only., when you've put the documentary together, you upload it on YouTube. 

IFEINWA, and all the sponsors will have the rights to the documentary "Hair Business Is A Big Business." 

Then the profits aspect. 

IFEYINWA will receive 20% of every cash payment from the YouTube subscribing. 

If the documentary "Hair Business Is A Big Business" is announced on the radios and there's a cash payment(s) made, IFEYINWA will receive 20% of the cash payment(s) made. 

If the documentary "Hair Business Is A Big Business" is shown on Television in Nigeria, for every it's shown and cash payments are made, IFEYINWA will get 20% of the cash payments. 

So, if you are a Nigerian living in Nigeria and you wear hair, please if you are interested in participating in the documentary "Hair Business Is A Big Business," make the interview once it takes place worthwhile. 

Whether you are the hair seller, the hair wearer, you live in the city and you live in the village.

If is not interested in making the documentary "Hair Business Is A Big Business,", would be interested?

Who is interested?