Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Lagos To London: Britain's New Super - Rich

There are five channels on National Television. 

BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

This documentary Lagos To London:  Britain's New Super - Rich, many people watched, Channel 4 showed the documentary.

Alexander Amosu, the Mbadiwe twins, DJ Cuppy Otedola and her sister Temi Otedola. 

They all have jobs. 

High End luxury catalogue owner, Microbiologist and a Lawyer, a Fashion blogger and a DJ. 

Their fathers are rich. 

The Mbadiwe tiwns have British private education. 

Alexander Amosu has an accountant. 

DJ Cuppy Otedola has 15 headphones costing $1000 each.

In Nigeria, they have homes in Victoria Island, Banana Island and Ikoyi Lagos. 

DJ Cuppy Otedola in Nigeria moves around in a bullet proof vehicle or automobile.  Their dad in Nigeria has a yacht.

The Mbadiwe twins have several cars; uncountable. 

Their homes in London and Kent are worth millions of pounds.

Temi Otedola has met Valentino the designer, that's fantastic.

Toke Makinwa was shown on the documentary.  She shops high end - luxury brands. 

Some Nigerians have money.

I'm sure the Otedola sisters, Toke Makinwa and the personal shopper's hair extensions are expensive, about $5000 each. 

I'm sure they all give to charity, 'cause they spend money.