Monday, 27 June 2016

The "V" Pronounciation

Some people have difficulties pronouncing the Vee letter.  Bless them. 

Their "V's" are pronounced Fee. 

For example:

I Love you pronounced I Lof you.
Five pronounced Fife.
Vulcanizer pronounced Fulcanizer.
Volkswagen pronounced Folkswagen.
Louvre pronounced Loufre.
Love pronounced Lof.
Lovina pronounced Lofina.
V - neck pronounced Fee - neck.
View pronounced Fiew.
Very well pronounced Fery well.
Vessel pronounced Fessel.
Twelve pronounced Twelf.
Twenty - Five pronounced Twenty - Fife.
Twenty - Seven pronounced Twenty - Sefen.
Givenchy pronounced Gifenchy.
Versace pronounced Fersace.
Valentino pronounced Falentino.

The "Vee" difficulties pronounciation may be cured if they visit a Speech Therapist - maybe.