Thursday, 2 June 2016

House girl And House boy

They are helps around the house. 

To cook, clean, wash, look after children in the house, take them to school, bring them back, feed them. 

They help the madams of the house to look after the male owners of the house to stay in the marriage.
But some of the madams of the house become the house girl to stay in the marriage. 

And some male owners of the house become the house boy to stay in the marriage. 
There are professionals who are house girl and house boy. 

Meaning they are not wanted in the profession. 

The unwanted professionals receive pittance and stipends in their professions as opposing to receiving the big money. 
What is their problem? 

Maybe it is their lack of confidence of being wanted by a different employer. 

Or just laziness by not finding an employer that will pay them their deserving money.
There are house girl lawyer, house boy lawyer, house girl actress, house boy actor, house girl doctor, house boy doctor. 

House boy business man, house girl business woman.

Not only finding a different employer, they could be in the wrong profession by their not delivering results, even as employers themselves, for example.
Though it is their life.
Do Ifeyinwa want to be employed as a house girl? 

Ifeyinwa doesn't think so.