Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Let's Talk About Names, Baby

In the Igbo Language, there are many names, statements, sentences, words, idioms, probably sayings which rhymes.  

Some are funny, humorous, hilarious or serious.  They are all rhymes.

"Mgbudem" = Hug tightly.

"Jigidem" = Hold tightly.

"Ala Eze Enigwe" = Heaven.

"Chukwudum" = All God.

"Nchekwube" = Hope.

"M na atu anya" = I am surprising.

"O lile anya" = I am believing that.

"Ife nkili" = Something or someone to watch.

"Obodo bu igwe" = Town is iron.

"I kankaa, i wota ije gi" = If you grow old, you understand your journey.

"Bob ekpu" = short Bob.

"ina agholu adaa" = you are falling down; no money.

"Ekwe nti" = Mobile phone.

"Zagidem" = Answer me tightly.

"Je nee tee" = Go and look after for yourself.

"Njijoka" = Pull together is greater.

"Njideka" = Hold together is greater.

"Abagana bu enyi" = Abagana is elephant.

"Oti mkpu nwelu share" = Praise singer has share.

"Omalu efi ula" = He slapped a cow.

"Okwuluaku" = Wealth that stands.

"Uno enu" = Storey building.

"Ekwe gbalu" = Wood instrument dance.

"Okwu gbalu" = Word dance.

"Uno gbalu" = House dance.

"Okija amaka" = Okija is beautiful.

"Ada di ugwu" = 1st daughter is respecting.

"Di di ugwu" = Husband is respecting.

"OkwuChukwu" = God's word.

"OnuChukwu" = God's mouth.

"Onu kaa" = Mouth is greater.

"Nneka" = Mother is greater.

"Akpudo" = Bag of peace.

"Akuko Ifo" = Folk Stories.

"Ndu di" = Life remain.

"Chi Oh Chi" = God Oh God.

"Kwanyere onwe gi ugwu" = Respect yourself.

"Ka Chineke mezie okwu = Let God tidy the word.

"Onu kwube" = Let the mouth speak.

"Odinkemmaa" = What do I know.

"Nga obili" = Here it ends.

"Oji is kalu umunna" = Use head to be bigger than kinsmen.

What are your language rhymes?