Monday, 13 June 2016

Praiz Versus Darey

They are both Nigerian male singers.  Darey had a famous father.  They both prefer performing in suits.  Praiz has collaborated with a famous 90's West Indian female singer.  Darey collaborates more with other Nigerian male singers and rappers.  They both sing in baritone voices, I could be wrong.  Females love Praiz and Darey because their songs are all about love which are sincere.
When it comes to the Social Media, I'm sure Darey has more followers.  On the social scene, Darey is seen more.  Bloggers; Nigerian bloggers seem to celebrate Darey more by writing of his every move, whether travel, parties, concerts and family life on their blogs.
Maybe Praiz doesn't like talking about and showing his private on the media and Social Media. 
I'm not sure whether Praiz and Darey have any endorsements.  I'm not sure whether Praiz and Darey support any charities in Nigeria.  I'm not sure whether Praiz has a manager and a publicist.  Darey may have a manager and a publicist. 
Darey brought Kim Kardashian to Nigeria in 2013.  Darey is Yoruba.  I'm not sure what tribe in Nigeria Praiz is.
DJ Zeez is Yoruba.
Darey has met Former President George Bush Junior of the United States of America.
I'm not sure who Praiz's producer is.  I'm not sure who Darey's producer is.
If you have more knowledge of Praiz and Darey that I may not have mentioned, please let me know via:     Thanks.