Saturday, 25 June 2016

What's Your Town Song

The song:  "Nkanu" was taught to me by Obioma Eneh.  This was in the 80's. 

Nkanu is a Local Government in Enugu State Nigeria West Africa Africa. 

Nkanu has famous sons and daughters, like Uche Ogbodo the Nigerian actress and Mr John "Ibu" the Nigerian comedic actor. 

The song goes:
"Nkanu anyi oooo
Nkanu anyi oooo
Nkanu ebuka aaaa
Nkanu nweru umu boy sss
Nkanu nwer umu guess
Nkanu ebuka aaaa"
The translation of the song:  "Nkanu."
"Our Nkanu oooo
Our Nkanu oooo
 Nkanu large oooo 
Nkanu large oooo
Nkanu has children boys sss
Nkanu has children girls
Nkanu large oooo"

In your most touching voice, please sing your town song.  Record your singing your town song and put it on Instagram.


Happy Singing.